Kaneshin Yellow Handled Bonsai Rake and Spatula


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This is a very solid and useful combination tool from Kaneshin in Japan.

Rakes are very useful tools especially when you are repotting your bonsai trees and need to rake out the roots. This is a very important step during repotting as you then need to use a pair of suitable scissors or root cutter to shorten the roots which developed since you last repotted your tree. Failing to do so will result in your tree becoming progressively weaker. This rake has 3 durable prongs for combing out the root ball of your bonsai trees.

The spatula is useful when you wish to tamp down newly applied growing media after repotting your tree. It is also very nice to use when applying new pieces of moss, to compact it onto the surface.

The steel alternative has a high visibility rubber covering on the handle. This serves two purposes; for making it easy to see amongst a pile of old soil and secondly to act as a non-slip covering which is rather useful when you are combing out tough root balls.




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