Premium Whetstone, #700


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  • Top selling Kaneshin branded premium Whetstone.
  • Fine (#700) grit enables you to achieve extremely sharp edges.
  • Will not unnecessarily remove material from your expensive bonsai tools.
  • Includes stone for making whet powder.


It is very important that when we use our bonsai tools to perform any cutting action, they should be as sharp as possible. In fact it is best that you sharpen your tools every time you start to work on a new tree. Failure to work with sharp tools means you will need to use unnecessary force to make cuts, the live tissue or cambium may be damaged which will retard the healing process and if severely blunt you may even damage your tools by attempting to cut with them.

How to Use this Kaneshin Whetstone.

  • Soak the whetstone in water for at least 1hr.
  • Remove the stone from the water and place on a level surface.
  • Before sharpening your tools make some whet powder by running the smaller block on the large whetstone surface.
  • As the stone dries rapidly add water when necessary to maintain a sort of wet paste.
  • You may now begin sharpening your tools using the whet powder.
  • It should be sufficient to run the tool over the stone around 10 times.
  • Once sharpened be sure to wipe the tool surface with vegetable oil to prevent oxidation/rusting.