Kaneshin Re-potting Sickle, 270mm


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After a bonsai has been growing for some years in the same container, the roots have had a lot of time to fill the bonsai pot. Depending on the shape of the pot when it comes time to repotting the tree it can be an extremely difficult process.

This is where the re-potting sickle comes in handy. To use the tool insert into the pot between the root ball and the pot wall. "Cut" the root ball or effectively create a narrow space between the root ball and the wall of the pot, which will make it possible to remove the tree from the pot and to continue with the re-potting process.

This tool is built to last and is constructed from quality steel material and has an open design. This ensures that you are able to grip the tool strongly, which helps a lot when you have particularly solid root balls. It also helps to prevent a buildup of dirt in the tool. Many other designs use a wooden handle, but this can weaken over time and rot.







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