Kaneshin Stainless Steel Scissors, 180mm


These Stainless Steel general purpose bonsai scissors will be the most used tool in your toolbox.

If you are looking for a corrosion resistant tool then you should consider this pair of scissors from Kaneshin. The shape of the handle makes this tool very comfortable in the hand and the manner in which it is gripped allows you to apply little force in order to make the cuts you need.

This pair of scissors is suitable for most sizes of bonsai trees, although for smaller shohin trees you might want to consider one of our several smaller scissors designed for such size trees. The scissors are designed for general branch and twig cutting. If you need to remove branches then please consider one of our branch cutters instead as these scissors will be damaged if you use them to cut thick branches.

As with all tools from this well known Japanese manufacturer, each tool is sent to you in a protective box with a certificate of authenticity.  Take a look at how these tools are made.




Stainless Steel



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