Kaneshin Trimming Scissors, 180mm


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The comfortable size of these small bonsai trimming scissors makes them ideal for use on a wide size range of bonsai including small to large trees. They are in fact internationally one of Kaneshin's top sellers.

Also known as bud scissors, bonsai trimming scissors is the ideal tool for trimming leaves when defoliating, nipping out new buds and removing small branches. The blades being shorter than bonsai scissors, and smaller finger holes provide the best possible control of the tool when in use. This together with the overall more slender design enables the artist to reach into the canopy of a tree and make the required cuts with accuracy.

The more slender and thinner blades make these scissors ideal for delicate work, however the ergonomic advantage generated by short blades and the positioning of the pivot point provides considerable cutting power. Another important feature of these small Kaneshin trimming scissors is that when a cut is made, and the blades of the scissors are closed, the metal shafts of the handles still do not touch which ensures that when working inside the canopy of a tree, accidental crushing of foliage or branches cannot occur.

For smaller trees they are very useful for removing twigs and even thin branches.

All trimming scissors are in black steel finish are handmade by highly skilled artisans in Japan to ensure you many years of trouble free use. Each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Trimming scissors are intended for small twigs, buds and generally softer growth. Thicker hardwood should be cut using appropriately sized bonsai scissors.

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