Kaneshin Watering Wand


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These handy watering wands from Kaneshin are ideal watering solutions as they can produce an extremely fine spray which will not erode the growing media in your bonsai pots. Their length also enables you to water flow a slight height and around the back of a tree.

To use these watering wands follow these simple steps:

  1. Boil some water in the kettle and pour into a suitable container.
  2. Insert the end of a standard garden hose into the hot water for a few seconds or until the rubber has become flexible.
  3. Push the hose onto the tapered end of the watering wand.
  4. As the rubber cools it will contract and grip the watering wand.
  5. Turn on the mains water tap so that a gentle, low pressure spray is attained.

Don't use these watering wands under high pressure, they are not designed for such use and the wand will dislodge from the hose. They are best used under low pressure and always water with a fairly fast side to side action. Never direct the water at a bonsai and maintain that position as you need to allow some time for water to drain through without accumulating and washing away your growing medium.