Kikuwa Watering Wand


Please note. The valve is used for fine adjustment of the water only.

Watering is a daily task. This task is made so much easier when you have the right watering tools. When bonsai trees are watered with a coarse spray or a hard jet of water, the growing media is easily disturbed and will erode, leaving the roots of your bonsai exposed.

These chrome plated watering wands have a very fine spray which will apply water very gently to your trees. The fine screen can be cleaned easily by unscrewing the retaining ring. The adjustment valve allows you to finely adjust the pressure of the water needed for the particular tree being watered at that time (It is not a shut off valve, so you still need to turn the water off at the mains tap).

To use, simply unscrew the compression ring at the back and slide this over a standard garden hose. Immerse the end of the garden hose in some boiling water to make it soft and supple. Push the end over the tapered tip. Screw the compression ring back into place and the watering wand is ready to use.




Mixed materials including plastics and metal



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