King K-40 Combination Sharpening Whetstone


  • Compact
  • Ideal for a range of home sharpening uses
  • Cost effective including 2 different grades on one stone
  • Carry and storage string
  • No oil, soak in water prior to use.


The Japanese made King K-40 Combination sharpening whetstone is an entry level solution for sharpening many different blades around the house including carving knives, sickles, loppers and more. Its compact and easy to carry with the attached string which makes for easier retrieval from a water vessel.

The #250 is ideal to repair a blade which has been damaged in some way, such as a nick or chip. The #1000 ensures a sharp cutting edge.

Delivered in a cardboard box.


135mm x 36mm x 30mm

Buy 1 Get 1 at 30%