Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition Albums


The Kokufu bonsai exhibition occurs in February of each year in Japan, in Tokyo, and runs for eight days. It is the largest national exhibit of bonsai in Japan and is the largest and most prestigious of all bonsai shows internationally.

The Nippon Bonsai Association, are the only official sponsors of this event, and they ensure that only the best bonsai in Japan are displayed. They are also the publishers of these high quality albums commemorating each year of the show.

A tree that wins a prize can do much for a professional bonsai artists career in Japan and the owner of course is highly honoured.  Once a tree has won a prize at Kokufu, it is never again eligible for another although it can be entered for display purposes.

Each album is numbered according to the number of the exhibition, which has nothing to do with years. For instance the Kokufu album #86 commemorates the exhibition held in 2012.

These books are not sealed, new books. These albums are printed once and never printed again which adds to their collectability. They only become available when a collector or bonsai professional retires and auctions them off.

Typical Condition

Condition of Book: Excellent

Condition of Jacket: Fine

Condition of Box: Fine

Explanation of terms above

  • 100%..... Mint
  • 95-99%: Near Mint
  • 90-95%: Excellent
  • 80-90%: Fine
  • 65-80%: Good
  • 40-65%: Poor

26cm in height, 26cm in width


Colour photographic, Printed cardboard sleeve

Colour photographic, book jacket

Colour Hardback, book.


Typically between 250 - 300 pages, printed both sides