Maintenance Collection


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Bonsai trees require frequent maintenance. Aside from watering, our bonsai require fertilizer in order to remain healthy and to grow. In addition, we need to protect our trees from pests attacking them or we may lose them. The ideal conditions we create for our trees are also ideal for weeds to flourish; these need to be removed before they envelop the entire pot and suffocate the tree.

What's included?

Included in the Maintenance Collection is the following:

  1. BonsaiBoost - a top selling solid type of organic fertilizer which releases nutrients to the bonsai each time you water (BBOOST).
  2. PlantCare - systemic and contact spray highly effective against many common pests above for example red spider mites AND below ground, for example white grubs (PLANT100).
  3. Combination spatula and rake - this stainless steel Japanese made rake from Kikuwa is useful for removing weeds growing around the trunk of your bonsai tree, breaking the surface of your growing medium when it "crusts", raking the roots out when repotting. The spatula side is used to tamp down growing media when repotting, for scraping up moss from a surface and to gently press it down in awkward places around your tree. (1353).