Mopane root

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Mopane trees are widespread across the savanna woodlands of south-central Africa. Apparently their wood is considered the best fuelwood in Africa. They are not under any threat of deforestation.


Mopane roots are popular for the following applications:

  • Orchids: Any epiphytic orchid looks fantastic and grows really well on pieces of mopane root. (Recommended sizes; Tolumnia = small, Dendrobiums = medium and large)
  • Fish tanks: It is an extremely dense wood so is long lasting and is heavy so it sinks rapidly. The crevises can be used to attach many kinds of plants and mosses. (Recommended sizes; depends on the landscape you want. Join multiple pieces and express your creativity) 
  • Terrariums and Vivariums: Mopane roots make great additions as hard landscape when combined with mosses and plants. It is suitable for any reptiles, amphibians, terrestrial invertebrates too. (Recommended sizes; determined by your design. Combine several pieces for more interest for larger plantings.)

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