Mousepad "Satsuki"


Satsuki or Azalea, are generally displayed when in full flower. Of course such displays are a feast for the eyes but it is only the best specimens which are displayed without flowers as the trees must be of the highest degree of refinement. Striking colour in fact cannot be appreciated for too long, green however is a far more peaceful colour and satsuki without flowers can be contemplated for many hours.

This powerful Satsuki has a superb root base which provides immense stability to the tree as the roots spread out and clasp the soil. The dramatic taper and full, refined branches leave one in awe of the artist's skill and refinement of technique. 


230mm x 190mm x 3mm


Soft material finish with a non-slip, rubberized finish on the back. Edges are rounded and the pad is a substantial 3mm thick for maximum comfort.

Category: Mousepad