Narex 5 Piece Carving Chisels

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If you would like to do some hand carving of your bonsai's deadwood then this is the ideal place to start. Narex, a well known international brand of carving tools produces a great 5 piece starter carving chisel set that that will cover the most common requirements both for bonsai carving or regular wood carving.

Each chisel is fabricated from hardened carbon steel which is then treated with a black protective coating. All the chisels included in this set are fully ground and perfectly sharpened so you can use them right after removing from the packaging. Narex have also included a sharpening guide which will teach you how to properly maintain a razor sharp cutting edge on your chisels.

Naturally stained, finished beech wood handles with a squared off cross section allows you to easily gauge the precise location of the cutting edge

Chisels included:

  1. Skew Carving Chisel
  2. Shallow Carving Gouge
  3. Standard Carving Gouge
  4. Deep Carving Gouge
  5. Straight "V" Tool

Narex have even included a blank piece of lime wood for you to practise your carving skills before going onto bigger projects!

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