Professional Japanese Turntable, 500mm


If you are a serious bonsai practitioner then this professional turntable is just the working surface you have been waiting for.

These tables are built for working on small and large trees, with ease. The easy to use pedal allows you to 'pump' the table higher, or keep the pedal depressed for it to sink lower. By simply lifting the pedal slightly either with your foot or hand, the table is braked and you can continue with wiring or other techniques without the bonsai tree moving.

The table top is covered with an anti-slip rubber sheet which will prevent unwanted movement of the tree also and will prevent the wooden board beneath from water damage. There is also a rubber moulding along the edge of the base which prevents movement of the table on the floor.

Most surfaces are powder coated or are chromed. The whole table and shaft can be removed for easy cleaning and oiling.

Table diameter


Height adjustment

400 - 580mm

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity

80 - 100kg

Country of Origin