This Rockspray, or Cotoneaster was developed by myself from a cutting which was field grown for some years after which the tree was transferred to a container where it could undergo further development and styling. You can read more about the process in this blog post.

The tree is very easy to care for as it is very hardy with the species often used as a hedge. I suspect it can be grown well, anywhere in South Africa. 

The tree is sold in a handmade Japanese Tokonameware container produced by Hattori. It has a good amount of patina on it and the subdued glaze colour compliments the olive green leaves as well as the grey trunk.

This tree should be repotted early summer of 2019. It is currently potted in akadama and pumice.


Width: 400mm

Depth: 330mm

Height: 320mm

Measurements exclude the container. The display stand is not included.