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Sargent Juniper "Shimpaku"

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Looking for something special for your balcony or patio? Don't have too much space and want a tree which does not require a tremendous amount of work?

Junipers are one of the most suitable plant species for bonsai cultivation. Japanese bonsai professionals have invented and perfected cultivation techniques for growing these trees over centuries. Today you have the opportunity to own one of these special trees. 

There are many different juniper or "Shimpaku" species found across the world. The Sargentii variety has a very attractive adult scale foliage which is erect (as opposed to limp) and is compact and bushy (as opposed to leggy and flat or sparse). This makes it possible to create very high quality bonsai due to the dense, ramified appearance of these trees.

This particular tree has an extremely interesting trunk, which coils many times along its length. The shari, or deadwood features, have been created many years ago as there are no signs of such work recently being done and the live vein swells very pleasingly along the shari.

The new owner of this tree can continue to refine and build the foliage pads of this tree and should they wish, further expand the shari to increase the appearance of maturity.

There is no immediate work required with regards to repotting, as the tree is currently potted in Akadama which still drains well and permits a good flow of oxygen.

This Shimpaku was imported in 2019 from Saitama prefecture in Japan. 

Approximate age:

25 years


Width: 400mm

Height: 250mm

Depth: 300mm

Measurements exclude the container and wooden table is not included in the sale.