Sea Rock Kelp, 1000ml

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SEA ROCK® comes from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, commonly known as brown seaweed. Sea Rock® contains auxins that are critical for root development. This helps plants to absorb water and nutrients much more efficiently. This increased below ground growth translates into optimal above ground growth, increased leaf and canopy size means plants are able to optimally photosynthesise throughout the growing season. Sea Rock® is not an extract, but a suspension of Ecklonia maxima which includes all the natural plant growth stimulants and other natural occurring substances and stimuli in sea weed. Sea Rock® is readily taken up by the plant and is formulated to use as both a foliar feed and as a soil drench


  • Increased nutrient uptake in plants
  • Stronger root and leaf growth
  • Seed germination
  • Higher marketable yields
  • Improved disease and pest resistance
  • Improved water retention
  • Reduces and mitigates external stress that plants may experience from heat/drought or cold and wet conditions which can adversely affect growth

      Directions for use

      When to use Sea Rock

      During germination, transplant, bud initiation and fruit development.

      For times when plants are under stress such as extreme weather. Preferably apply Sea Rock ® in the early morning or late afternoon.

      Recommended when high phosphate levels are needed like in the seedling stage of stressful conditions where root growth is critical.

      The rate of application is dependent on the plant growth stage, stress levels and reaction required. The lower rates should be used for maintenance while the higher rates will enable the crop to overcome severe stress periods.

      Sea Rock® can be used in 7-14 day cycles. In general 1L of Sea Rock equates to 100L of nutrient filled water.

      Foliar Spray

      Combine with water and spray with a fine droplet sprayer.

      • Minimum concentration (20ml/10L) or 0.2%
      • Maximum concentration (20ml/1L) or 2%
      • Normal maintenance (10ml/1L) or 1%

      Soil Drench

      • Concentration of (10ml/1L) or 1% every 7-14 DAYS.

      SEA ROCK® is not a fertilizer but forms part of a balanced feed. Combine it with these fertilizer products.

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