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Suehiro Combination 1000/3000 Ceramic Whetstone

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  • Suehiro, well known Japanese brand.
  • Combination stone with 1000 grit for sharpening and 3000 grit for honing. (See our listings for individual 1000 and 3000 grit stones)
  • Non-slip housing
  • Will not unnecessarily remove material from your expensive bonsai tools.
  • No oil needed, soak in water prior to use. (Do not store this stone in water)


Suehiro situated in Niigata, Japan is famous for their sharpening stones not only in Japan and the rest of the world but in fact produce Europe's #1 selling water stones. Their sharpening stones have an international reputation for their fast cutting surface and long lasting use. Made from durable ceramic particles, that act as the ideal abrasive for high carbon steel and tool steel alloys.

It is very important that when we use our bonsai tools to perform any cutting action, they should be as sharp as possible. In fact it is best that you sharpen your tools every time you start to work on a new tree. Failure to work with sharp tools means you will need to use unnecessary force to make cuts, the live tissue or cambium may be damaged which will retard the healing process and if severely blunt you may even damage your tools by attempting to cut with them.

How to Use this Whetstone.

  • Soak the whetstone in water for around a 5min.
  • Remove the stone from the water and place on a level surface.
  • As the stone dries add water.
  • It should be sufficient to run the tool over the stone around 10 times.
  • Once sharpened be sure to wipe the tool surface with jojoba oil to prevent oxidation/rusting.


225 x 85 x 50mm

183 x 63 x 13mm (stone only)


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    Ceramic Whetsone

    Extremely helpful to sharpen your Bonsai tools! Good quality, should last a lifetime!

    Dirk G.
    South Africa South Africa

    Ceramic Whetstone

    Love the stone. Evenly distributed contact with the blade. Actually prefer the stone over the DMT diamond hones. Might be a little more effort as the stone first need to be wetted but the results are superb. Thanks a lot. Great product.

    Gerrit d.
    South Africa South Africa

    Cerax Whetstones

    What a pleasure to sharpen your scissors with these stones. Just a few strokes and you can feel the difference great product.

    Jerome D.
    South Africa South Africa

    Suehiro Combination 1000/3000 Ceramic Whetstone

    I bought this whetstone for my boyfriend who is a regular client at Bonsai Tree. He is very happy with his gift and has used it to sharpen our kitchen knives as well. I'd just like to thank James for assisting me in ensuring that my boyfriend had no idea where the item originated from. He very kindly removed any mention of Bonsai Tree on the packaging or delivery details. Absolutely wonderful company to deal with. Thank you.

    Michelle M.
    South Africa South Africa