Sundew, Pete's Hybrid

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Price is for a single, potted plant in 9cm plastic container.

Growing Sundews

Although Drosera aliciae can be grown indoors they are best grown outside in full sun to semi-shade. Always keep potted plants in a 1-3 cm deep saucer of fresh water, as they must remain moist at all times. If growing indoors then place in a northern or eastern direction so the plant gets maximum sunlight.

Aphids, mealy bug and thrips may attack your plant. If so, treat affected plants with a pesticide (diluted according to package instructions) or remove the pests by hand. Never use a soap-based insecticide.

If your plant is allowed to dry out this may lead to the leaves drooping and will lead to a decrease in mucilage (the stick substance on the tips of the tentacles), however simply watering them well should revive the affected plant.

Be careful when handling your plant as touching the leaves may result in a halt in dew production. However do not be too concerned as new leaves will be fine.

Botanical name

D. capensis x D. admirabilis

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