The Ultimate Bonsai Growing Medium

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In this printable version of one of my blog posts we discuss the concept of an "ultimate" bonsai growing medium. For as many bonsai enthusiasts you speak with you will get an equal number of bonsai growing medium recipes. Each enthusiast believes their medium is best, and perhaps it is - for them. This article is about growing mediums, with a focus on the role each individual component plays equipping you with the information needed to mix your own ultimate growing medium.

Topics Covered

  1. History of growing mediums
  2. The role of a growing medium
  3. Categories of growing media
  4. Components detailed; Organic and In-organic Mediums
  5. Full product listings of all growing media currently available from Bonsai Tree, with weblinks for easy ordering.

In this 49 page PDF included are many full colour, detailed photographs and now also the respective product pages of all the growing media currently available from us. Each product is linked to the webpage so you can order whatever you require.

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