Tokoname Bonsai Pottery Catalog 2014


Tokoname has long been famous for very high quality ceramic work including bonsai containers. Many of the containers which I have previously offered through this website originate from this area of Japan. However these containers were used and what I was able to find on my trips to Japan.

This is the latest version of the catalog, 2014, and contains 51 pages of full colour images of the designs and sizes currently available for order.

Featured Kilns

Kilns featured in the catalog include: 

  1. Reihou,
  2. Kouyou,
  3. Izumi-ya,
  4. Kakuzan,
  5. Yamafusa,
  6. Hattori,
  7. Youzan and more.

Each pot is produced only on order and no stock is kept in South Africa or Japan.

If you have been looking for a special pot and are keen to purchase something from this catalog then kindly contact me.

Please note the following:

  1. Pricing should be used as a general guide only subject to the prevailing ZAR/JPY rate of exchange.
  2. All ceramics of this type attract a 20% customs and excise duty on entering South Africa.
  3. Shipping is not included and will add roughly 10% to the price.
  4. Lead times from ordering till delivery will be roughly 3 months.

FREE Download:

22 meg, Acrobat PDF format