Tolumnia Jairak Firm "Snow Carmine"

Part of our small, easy to care for orchid range these plants are imported Tolumnia hybrid seedlings. We offer both flowering and pre-flowering plants. Pre-flowering plants are expected to begin flowering in months. From time to time we also have pre-flowering and flowering plants mounted on bark supports. Please check the ordering options available above and make your choice accordingly.

We take every precaution when couriering these live plants to you and ensure they reach you in the shortest time possible and in perfect health. 

Specifics for "Snow Carmine"

  • Petal colour: White
  • Lip color: Red
  • Plant size: Mini
  • Shape: Star
  • Plant Type: Pot Plant

Please note for all options that this product is entirely natural, with no two being identical and may also differ from any images depicting the product.

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