Villa Copper Oxychloride WP, 200g

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Product Description

A wettable powder fungicide for the control of various diseases on a wide range of crops as indicated.

Controls the following:

Scab, Fruit spot, Bacterial blight, Anthracnose, Leaf spot, Rust, Bacterial canker, Black spot and melanose, Brown rot, Bacterial spot, Gum spot, Downy mildew, Post-harvest decay, Early blight & Late blight, Botrytis, Dead-arm, Damping-off, Root rot, lumpy disease and blossom-end rot, leaf curl, septoria leafspot and seed decay.

See this page for more information about the problems listed above and how to identify them.

Only use product as indicated in product pamphlet.

Suggested application rates*

5g/1L water.

Thoroughly apply to the entire plant surface. Apply the first spray as soon as the first symptoms are noticed. Apply follow up sprays at 7 to 14 day intervals.

Use a suitable wetting agent such as SK Eco Oil or Sporekill

Active Ingredients

copper oxychloride, 850g/kg, metallic copper equivalent, 500g/kg.

*For reference purposes only and not a substitute for reading the manufacturers insert.

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