Japanese Maple



Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are quintessential bonsai trees. Their very feminine features such as the light coloured bark, thin and 5 lobed leaves, delicate branching make this species a most suitable bonsai subject. This particular tree is a wonderful example of the species embodying many of the characteristics which make them so sought after. The dense network of fine twigs in the canopy is the result of years of slow development. Good taper is evident from the balanced nebari to where the trunk splits and up into the canopy. A healthy tree, strong buds can be seen at the tips of the branches, ready for the spring push. Although there are a couple pruning scars still visible, they are at an advanced stage of healing and in a couple more years they will most likely have been covered completely.

Potted in a ceramic bonsai container from the world famous Tokoname region.

This Japanese maple was imported in 2013 from Saitama prefecture in Japan.

Approximate age:

20 years


Width: 360mm

Height: 330mm

Depth: 320mm

Measurements exclude the container.