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Biogrow Bioneem, 500ml

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Product Description

Azadirachtin, found in the neem tree, blocks hormones, hindering molting, and acts as a deterrent. Insect death may not occur for several days, but after ingesting small amounts, insects stop feeding. Residual activity can last up to 7 days.

Bioneem is used to control a wide range of insects (up to 200 insect types) including:

  • white flies, leafminers, mealybug, thrips, fruit flies, leaf hopper, red spider mite, weevils and many more.
Azadirachtin is relatively harmless to insects that pollinate crops and trees, such as butterflies, spiders and bees; ladybugs that consume aphids; and wasps that act as a parasite on various crop pests. This is because neem products must be ingested to be effective. Thus, insects that feed on plant tissue succumb, while those that feed on nectar or other insects rarely contact significant concentrations of neem products.

See this page for more information about the problems listed above and how to identify them.

Suggested application rates

300 ml – 500 ml per 100 L water, depending on the growth stage of plant and insect populations.

Bioneem has been found to be compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers. Physical compatibility should first be tested.

Do not apply in temperatures above 30 degrees C. Bioneem is an emulsifiable concentrate.

Active Ingredients

Min 1500ppm Azadirachtin

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    I recommend this product

    Excellent product

    Wonderful product that works effectively and quickly.

    Storm W.
    South Africa South Africa
    I recommend this product

    Great customer experience.

    Perfect product. Did everything I expected it to do but the customer service of Bonsai tree is really what made this purchase worth while.

    Hanru A.
    South Africa South Africa

    Fantastic product

    I used it as soon as I received it and have noticed the trees looking more alive, not so droopy. And the bees haven’t been harmed in the process, big win!

    Linda S.
    South Africa South Africa

    Great product

    I live Biogrow as it covers all the bases with regards common garden problems, whether it be fungal, insectal or otherwise.

    Diana P.
    South Africa South Africa