Gamma 5 Pressure Sprayer

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The Gamma 5 pressure sprayer is a shoulder strap type sprayer made in Italy by industry leading company diMartino. This very practical sprayer which can hold up to 5,8L of liquid can spray up to 90cm at 3 bar pressure. With the included extension, the lance can be extended to 105cm making spraying tall trees easy and when not in use it can be clipped into the lance holder. The hose used between bottle and lance is resistant to heat and frost for maximum durability.

Various jets and adjustable nozzle ensures you can apply your treatment to best effect. The stabilizing base makes it possible for the Gamma 5 to remain stable even on included surfaces up to 8.5 deg. The plastic filter which easily slips into the extra wide funnel (10cm) prevents debris which would otherwise block the sprayer from entering. 

You do not need to worry about over pumping the sprayer as there is a safety valve and pressure indicator included. Unlike lower quality sprayers the re-enforced resin shaft used to pressurize the sprayer is very tough indeed.

Please note: There is no spray locking feature on this product.

If you're looking for something smaller please consider the Thema 2L sprayer.

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