The quantity selected above denotes the number of hours of consultation time you are purchasing.

I am very flattered by the many requests for assistance and guidance that I receive on a daily basis from all parts of the world. It is also greatly rewarding for me to be able to offer this help and I would love to be able to do so in a thorough, detailed fashion. However bonsai is not only my passion it is also the way that I pay the bills. Bonsai Tree is my occupation and sole source of income, therefore it must produce the income I need in order to continue offering the products and services I do.

So now you can seek my help without feeling apologetic or bad that you are taking up my time.

How you can use the time?

  • You can ask me any questions on growing, styling, maintenance and such about most species.
  • I can help you identify the majority of pests and diseases and if I am unable to do so I have access to several experts.
  • Not sure how to style a tree? I can help!
  • Want me to demonstrate a technique to you, I can do that.
  • Need a repot, no problem. Depending on the size of the tree it might require more than 1 hour and will also require that you purchase or provide any materials required. You're welcome to contact me to check how much time will be needed for your tree/s.
  • Need a tree wired? I love wiring!
  • Need a high quality club presentation or demonstration? No problem!

How it works?

  1. Purchase the time with me that you require (Qty = Hours).
  2. Contact me to arrange a day and time when we can address your needs.
  3. You can either come to my address in Somerset West or you can call me using a conventional phone, Facetime or other (Any calls to originate from your phone at your expense).
  4. Time spent addressing your needs will be recorded and deducted from what you purchased.
  5. Should any time remain you are welcome to continue using this in the future (I will send notice of your remaining balance after any interaction).

What is not included?

  1. No material.
  2. Travel, although I am willing to travel to your home or other premises at your cost (km travelled and time).
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