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A systemic, contact, suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of various pests on crops as listed. It is an invaluable insecticide to have in your arsenal as it has a long lasting action and will protect for up to 6 months.

Controls the following:

  • Aphids, Red Scale, Psylla, Leafminer, Cabbage aphid, Ants, Mole crickets, Whitefly nymphs.

    See this page for more information about the problems listed above and how to identify them.

    Only use product as indicated in product pamphlet

    Suggested application rates for bonsai*

    2 - 4ml to 500ml water. 

    Use as a soil drench only, after first watering your trees, do not spray. Continue with your regular watering program.

    Apply at the beginning of the active growing period for the best effect. As different species of plants and trees absorb at different rates the claimed 6 months is a maximum and may be in practice be considerably shorter eg 1 month.

    Active Ingredients

    Imidacloprid (chloronicotinyl) 350g/ℓ

    Registration Holder

    Makhro-Agro SA (Pty) Ltd, Act No. 36 of 1947: L8562 / N-AR0784

    *For reference purposes only and not a substitute for reading the manufacturers insert.

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