Japanese Black Pine Stock

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Images are depictions only of the average size and development of sale stock.


Every now and then I release some of my Japanese Black Pine stock. These plants have been grown by myself, from seed purchased from reputable sources in Kinashi, Japan thus they are guaranteed to be the species as claimed. 

My process

All plants are grown from seedling cuttings for the best possible nebari. This also results in a very short stem length till the first actively growing buds making them ideal for mame and shohin sized trees which can be grown in a much shorter space of time than the medium and larger size bonsai.

Read more about my process here.

While plants are in my care they are fed copious amounts of BonsaiBoost, fed weekly alternating with Seagro, Sea Secret and Kelpak to stimulate strong roots. Monthly fungicide treatments are applied, alternating between Copper Oxychloride, Chronos and Unizeb.


Seedlings less than 1 years of age are sold loose, without growing medium in a plastic bag with damp sphagnum moss. Each 1 year seedling is sold bare-rooted however is sent with the required growing media and plastic container. Older plants are sold in their container with growing medium, which is watered thoroughly and then plastic wrapped prior to shipping.

Further Reading

The techniques for growing Black pine are almost identical to Red Pines. Read more about this species here. 

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