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BonsaiBoost, Organic Bonsai Fertilizer, 240 sachet

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Each bag contains 240 sachets. 

We are giving away samples of our new product, SuperBoost fertilizer pellets; a unique organic blend of Blood meal, Bone meal, Canola meal, Fish meal, Fish hydrolysate. Macro, micro and trace minerals. Plant natural stimulating hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Get one (1) FREE pellet with every small packet of BonsaiBoost ordered.
Get four (4) FREE pellets with every bulk bag of BonsaiBoost ordered. *While sample stocks last.


For over a century, Japanese artists have used organic fertilizer to keep their trees healthy. BonsaiBoost uses pure canola meal, still used in Japan. BonsaiBoost works on any bonsai or potted plant, and is easy to use with no mixing required. Just lay sachets on the surface and water as normal. Replace sachets every 2 - 3 weeks.


  1. Time saver - every time you water you are fertilizing at the same time.
  2. Organic fertilizer which cannot burn your trees.
  3. Sustained, slow release of nutrients to your trees.
  4. Promotes healthy, strong growth.
  5. Easy to use and will not harm pets if accidentally ingested.

The above claims are guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you in full.

Easy to use

Packaged in high quality filter paper, BonsaiBoost allows for optimal water penetration and prevents the ground fertilizer from leaching into the soil mix.

Placement is simple: secure the BonsaiBoost bag onto the soil using wire or a toothpick, or place it into a fertilizer basket. Trees which have been developed require less fertilizer than those still in development.

Replace the bags roughly every 2 - 3 weeks. When you first start using them they will omit an odour. This odour diminishes with time till eventually no smell is experienced. The ground canola cake will become a solid lump, this is normal.

While using BonsaiBoost little additional fertilizer is needed. A liquid fertilizer containing fish meal is recommended, like Seabrix or Seagro.

BonsaiBoost is the ideal fertilizer when using open growing mediums such as our Professional Bonsai Growing Medium and mixes made up from Akadama and Pumice (Hyuga).

100% Biodegradable

After using the bag for your preferred length of time don't simply throw it away. You can do the following:

  1. Make a small hole in your garden soil and bury the bag, it will completely degrade and add to the nutrients there too.
  2. Use it around your overpotted trees which are still undergoing development.
  3. Fertilize your field growing trees.
  4. Place into pot plant containers.

How many trees can I feed?

1 - 2 sachet for shohin trees, 3 - 6 sachet for Medium trees, 6 and more for Large bonsai trees


    Macro elements:

    53 N g/kg, 12 P g/kg, 14 K g/kg.

      Micro elements:

      7.9 Ca g/kg, 0.62 Mg mg/kg, 62 Mn mg/kg, 195 Fe mg/kg, 5 Cu mg/kg, 58 Zn mg/kg, 40 B mg/kg.