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What is it?

Vermiculite is exfoliated hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate. Like Groperl, it is extremely absorbent and lightweight, and can absorb many times its own weight in water. Unlike Groperl, it does retain nutrients. This coarse Vermiculite is ideal for use as a growing medium component in container plant culture as it promotes drainage. Vermiculite can be combined with other components such as Peat Moss or Lecafrom our Bonsai range to produce a soilless growing media for bonsai artists. These growing mediums promote enhanced root growth aided by Vermiculite’s effect on aeration. Any applied fertilizer is absorbed and is slowly released as the bonsai requires them.

How to use?

Alone or mixed with Peat Moss, Vermiculite can be used to germinate seeds.

As a growing medium component, it should constitute no more than 20% of the total mix or the other components must retain very little moisture, such as Leca from our Bonsai range.

Prevents mildew from infecting bulbs in storage.

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100% Vermiculite

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