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The ultimate aquarium substrate for fish, invertebrates such as freshwater shrimp and plants. Controsoil imported by Bonsai Tree, is an aquarium substrate produced in Japan from high-quality natural soil and volcanic ash that provides vital nutrients so plants can flourish and  balances water properties through decreasing hardness/pH for fish and shrimp to grow at optimal health.


Ibaraki akadama is a premium substrate imported from Japan by Bonsai Tree. This comparatively affordable and visually appealing substrate offers many attractive features for discerning shrimp and fish keepers alike. For plant enthusiasts, akadama enhances the green colour of foliage enhancing the overall appeal of your scaping.


    Japanese crushed lava stone has a very high porosity which provides massive surface area for beneficial denitrifying bacteria growth. This bacterial growth leads to improve water quality via a reduction in nitrates. It is a 100% natural product.

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