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Ibaraki akadama is a substrate imported from Japan by Bonsai Tree. This comparatively affordable and visually appealing substrate offers many attractive features for discerning shrimp and fish keepers alike. For plant enthusiasts, akadama enhances the green colour of foliage enhancing the overall appeal of your scaping.

Key product advantages include:

  1. Assists in maintaining tank equilibrium and stability.
  2. Safely buffers pH and keeps it stable for up to 3 years.
  3. No initial ammonia spike.
  4. A natural product which does not leach anything into the water.
  5. Available in fine (1-3mm) and small (3-5mm).
  6. Sold in a 14L bag.


Japanese crushed lava stone.

Key product advantages include:

  1. Very high porosity.
  2. Provides massive surface area for beneficial denitrifying bacteria growth.
  3. This bacterial growth leads to improve water quality via a reduction in nitrates.
  4. Shrimp forage on food particles caught by the particle cavities.
  5. 100% natural product.
  6. Available in 0-5mm and 0-10mm bags.
  7. Sold in a 10L bag.

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