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Bonsai Nibblers are tools used for carving and shaping deadwood. They are specifically designed for use on small and medium sized bonsai but can also be used for any kind of general wood carving.

Nibblers have been designed and are manufactured by Chris Guise in a modern, state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing workshop and he supplies many leading bonsai retailers and professionals internationally. 

Spare bits

If you chip or damage one of the cutting edges on a solid tool you have to throw away the whole tool. If you blunt, chip or damage a Nibbler cutting edge you simply turn it to a new edge. Each Nibbler has three cutting tips, which gives a very smooth cut.

Local distribution

These Nibblers are imported by Bonsai Tree directly from the OEM in the United Kingdom.

Why order your Nibblers from us:

  • quick, local delivery
  • no hassles with the SA post office
  • no complications or surprises with customs.