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Our AgriCarb-GAC is a low activation level granular activated carbon produced from macadamia nut shells using an autogenous steam activation process. Macadamia nut shells are sourced locally as a waste material from the annual harvest of macadamia nuts. AgriCarb-GAC is therefore produced from a sustainable and renewable source. The end product is a high-density carbon structure with a developed internal porous structure, lending itself towards adsorption processes.

Product Benefits

The addition of such a carbon to a soil adds multiple benefits:

  • Increased carbon content aids soil health through promoting microbial growth, both through providing a porous structure with a high surface area on which to seat, as well as providing high-purity carbon for cellular growth.
  • Further benefits are increased moisture.
  • Improved nutrient retention within the soils, where it remains accessible for growth for longer periods of time (high CEC value).

How to use

For soil mixtures intended for container plants including bonsai, add between 2 - 5% AgriCarb-GAC of the total soil volume.

To increase the yield of vegetables in the garden, add roughly 500g of carbon per m2 prior to planting, digging the carbon into the soil to a depth within reach of the plant roots. (You can also combine it with other soil amendments such as manure, compost or lime and work these in simultaneously.)

Carbon is not a substitute for a balanced fertilizer regime, however it does suspend available nutrients making them available to plant roots over an extended period.

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