Houseplant Moss Pole

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Support the growth of your favorite houseplants with our moss pole. Take advantage of their natural growth habit but arrange it as you want. For plants which vine and produce adventitious roots, moss poles can provide extra micronutrients to your plants. Aerial roots from many aroids, when they make contact with a moss pole can trigger the plant to produce larger leaves, possibly as the plant knows it has the support it needs.

Why our moss pole?

  • Takes seconds to assemble
  • Pole is molded as a single piece; not rolled and fixed like some competitor products
  • Can provide increased, local humidity.
  • Available in 2 sizes

Our moss poles are made from a molded plastic diamond mesh tube, with a wooden base and removable peg which has been treated with natural oils to preserve it. Included with each moss pole are vine clips.

How to use?

We strongly suggest the use of sphagnum moss (NOT INCLUDED) with our poles for best effect, however many customers use the poles without any media and simply allow the plant to wind in and out of the mesh. 1 x 2L bag is sufficient for the small pole and 1 x 5L bag is adequate for the large pole.

  1. Dampen your sphagnum moss and add small amounts to the pole at a time and compact it slightly if you wish.
  2. Push the wooden peg into the hole provided in wooden base.
  3. Position the moss pole over your potted plant and push down, securely fixing the moss pole in position with the peg fully inserted (If necessary you can cut the peg shorter)
  4. Secure your plant to the moss pole using the provided clips (Or you can use string or narrow strips of velcro)

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