Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plant

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Price is for a single, adult plant in plastic container with media.

Cephalotus is native to Southwestern Australia.

It is monotypic, meaning that it is the only species within its genus. This plant displays convergent evolution remarkably well as its adaptations and trapping mechanisms (e.g. the passive pitfall lobster pot) are very similar to those of Nepenthes, however these are certainly in their own family and unrelated to one another.

Another key feature of this carnivorous plant is its translucent lid, which resembles mother of pearl but serves to confuse the prey into thinking that the fenestrations are gaps in which to escape, and is in fact part of the Cephalotus’s trapping mechanism.

Growing Cephalotus


Cephalotus grow well in a partial to full sun position where it will receive roughly 4 or more hours of direct morning sunlight followed by light shade for the remainder of the day.


These plants prefer to be constantly damp but not soggy soil. They require the same quality of water as other carnivorous plants, so rainwater and RO water is best. You can stand the container in a shallow tray of water, allowing the tray to dry out for a day or so and then topping up to a couple centimeters.


A period of winter dormancy is vital to this plants long term health. Growth will slow during this period of time and it is important that if you are growing your plant indoors, that you keep it away from any heat sources so it can experience the cooler temperatures. It can tolerate light frosts but should be kept from being exposed to temperatures below 2deg C.

Botanical name

Cephalotus Follicularis

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