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Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plant

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For a detailed FAQ page on these plants read more here.

Price is for a single, adult plant in plastic container with media.

Cephalotus is endemic to the Southwestern part of Australia, being the sole representative of its genus. This species displays clear signs of convergent evolution, owing to the similar trapping mechanisms of its relative, Nepenthes, though they are from disparate families.

The Cephalotus Albany Pitcher Plant boasts a translucent lid reminiscent of mother of pearl, which may deceive its prey into believing the fenestrations are dodges, when in fact they are part of its trapping system.

Growing Cephalotus


Cephalotus flourishes when exposed to 4 or more hours of direct morning sunlight, followed by partial to full shade.


Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plants, necessitate damp but not saturated soil. This species of carnivorous plants requires the same quality of water as others of its kind, thus, rainwater and reverse osmosis water is suggested. It is advised to place the container in a shallow tray of water, and wait for it to dry out for about one day before replenishing the liquid to two centimeters deep.


A period of winter dormancy is vital to this plants long term health. Growth will slow during this period of time and it is important that if you are growing your plant indoors, that you keep it away from any heat sources so it can experience the cooler temperatures. It can tolerate light frosts but should be kept from being exposed to temperatures below 2deg C.

Botanical name

Cephalotus Follicularis

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    Bonsai Tree Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plant Review

    Albany Pitcher

    It is the most beautifil plant and a great size. It was perfectly packed for shipping. Thanking Bonsai Tree, the never fail to impress

    Dedre C.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plant Review

    First Time Buyer

    I was so impressed with the service and plant. I will not hesitate to buy again.

    Jackie D.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Cephalotus, Albany Pitcher Plant Review

    What a wonderful addition to my collection

    Been thinking of getting an Albany Pitcher Plant for a while. But honestly most common gardening nurseries **** their carnivorous plants, so thinking of even buying one of these from them is a bit of chance. Normally I buy them to save them. So, when you can purchase a healthy plant it is such a huge benefit. Also, same day delivery. Thanks Terry for the amazing service. Will be saving up for the next plant!

    Andrew M.
    South Africa South Africa