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Premium, Treated Orchid Bark

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Why buy our bark?

As our premium bark has undergone a 21 day treatment during which the pH is adjusted, fines are washed away and more, you can use it with confidence straight from the bag, just flush well initially after repotting.


Bark forms the basis of the ideal growing medium for Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Laelia, Cattleya and Dendrobium orchids.

The time to think about repotting your orchids is immediately after they are done blooming.  First you need to do the following checks:

  1. Check whether the roots are crowding the container
  2. Are the roots growing over the edge of the container
  3. The medium has broken down and usually emits a sour odour (Pine bark usually takes around 2 - 3 years to do this depending on how it was watered and fertilized)

If you see any or all of the above happening then you can repot. The best time would be when you observe renewed root development for example from the base of new growth. If the plant still has flower buds but the plant is in poor condition then it is advisable to remove these buds before repotting as they will only serve to weaken the plant further.

The mix

Use medium pine nuggets (7-20mm) pieces for younger plants and larger pine chips (30-50mm) for the larger more mature species. Use a clear container if you would like to observe the roots as aid for you to know when to water.

You can combine bark with sphagnum moss for additional water retention or use Hyuga Pumice for good water retention but superior maintenance of the media structure. Add roughly 5% agricultural charcoal (which is NOT the same as braai charcoal which has been treated with many different chemicals).

Please note. Our bark is delivered mould free, however as a natural product which will degrade, it will develop mould in use. This is entirely natural. Treat your orchids and growing media roughly every 45 days with a good fungicide.

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    Bonsai Tree Premium, Treated Orchid Bark Review

    Orchid Bark

    Really good quality bark. My orchids seem to love the bark pumice mix

    Chandre v.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Premium, Treated Orchid Bark Review

    Premium, Treated Orchid Bark

    I am extremely happy! I asked Terry for advice on epiphytic bulb seedlings that I grew from seeds and he suggested I take the treated orchid bark and I combined it with the small 5-8mm pumice and the results were amazing. Those are both great products. I even tried this mixture with some of my smaller dendrobium orchids and they are flourishing.

    Fredrich M.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Premium, Treated Orchid Bark ReviewBonsai Tree Premium, Treated Orchid Bark Review

    Happy customer

    The bark worked well, I am happy with the quality :)

    Asiyah I.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Premium, Treated Orchid Bark Review

    Reporting orchid

    The pot was awesome. Bark and moss worked very well and my orchid is doing very well. Will buy again to get my big orchids repotted. But that's a huge job.

    Theresa B.
    South Africa South Africa

    Excellent Product and Excellent price

    Very happy with the product and will return as I place an additional order for the same item as I have purchased a number of orchid plants

    James H.
    United States United States