Coir Coco Peat

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  1. 100% Buffered + Washed
  2. pH neutral grow medium
  3. Good water retention
  4. Holds nutrients (high CEC value)
  5. Improves soil structure and aeration

What is it?

Coir Coco peat is the natural fiber that is found on the outer husk of the coconut which can be used as a soil additive or as a growing medium on its own for a variety of plants. 

Coco peat may have excess salts and thus needs to be washed. It has good water and fertilizer retention (due to its good CEC value) and it re-wets much easier than some mediums.


Coco peat may often form part of apotting soil mix. It forms the basis of many seedling mixes, including our own, and is great for growing flowers in and as the medium is slow to degrade it can last up to 7 years in a rose growing mix.

Farmers of cannabis, vegetables, fruit and berries employ coco peat extensively in their operations, usually in grow bags. Tree seedlings also do very well in coco peat as the medium has a long lifespan.

As coco peat is lightweight and has excellent water retention capabilities home gardeners use it as an additive in their soils but particularity for wall and rooftop gardens.