Professional Wire Caddy

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The professional wire caddy is for the bonsai artist who really understands that to create beautiful trees, wire is an indispensable tool. Loose rolls of wire are forever becoming entangled, especially the thinner wires - eventually becoming a big mess. The wire caddy prevents this entirely, is easy to load with both copper and aluminium wire. Included in the caddy are 5 reels which are easily removed from the frame by simply lifting them. Undo the three retaining nuts and slip your roll of wire onto the holder. If its copper wire you can wind it on. Recommended for wire up to 3mm. Get organized and make wiring your tree that much more enjoyable. No wire is included in the purchase, please purchase here.

Material and Finish

Steel construction, stackable and in a corrosion resistant epoxy coating. Made entirely in Japan.

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