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Lime Sulphur, 1000ml

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Product Description

A standard fungicide solution – also used for the control of scale insects on peaches, erinose mite on vines and various mites on citrus. Ideal to prevent over wintering of common pests and fungi. May be used on deciduous and evergreens. The Japanese have been using lime sulphur for decades and still use it as it is highly effective.

Controls the following:

  • Anthracnose
  • Mealy Bug
  • Mites
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Scale
  • Wooly aphids

See this page for more information about the problems listed above and how to identify them.

Only use product as indicated in product pamphlet. You can apply lime sulphur using the following spraying systems.

Deadwood preservation on bonsai

Lime sulphur has long been used to preserve deadwood on bonsai trees. The result of using undiluted lime sulphur is a bleached, white appearance of deadwood commonly seen on juniper species. If you prefer a less stark result, add a little black ink. This treatment should be applied at least annually for the best results; after first thoroughly cleaning the deadwood (The wood should be slightly moist when applying the lime sulphur).

Suggested application rates

Dilute at a ratio of 1:20 (Lime sulphur : water). Or 1:30 at higher temperatures ie. above 20 deg C.

Apply to trees during winter dormancy when nighttime temperatures are close to zero and daytime temperatures between 10 - 20 deg. You should repeat the treatment 2 - 3 times, roughly one month apart. If the trees are actively growing when the 3rd treatment is due or temperatures are above 20 deg then rather skip it.

Ensure you thoroughly wet the needles, branches and trunk. Lime sulphur dripping onto the soil is ok, however do not immerse the roots in the treatment. Should you wish to avoid staining containers you will need to wrap them with wet towels or newspaper and allow the tree to drip dry before removing the protection.

No wetting agent is needed.

Do not spray lime sulfur on spruce, hemlock, azalea and tropical trees. Avoid spraying recently wired trees or those recently repotted. It can burn them. - Boon Manakitivipart.

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    Bonsai Tree Lime Sulphur, 1000ml ReviewBonsai Tree Lime Sulphur, 1000ml Review

    Lime Sulphur

    Excellent service - have applied the product to the driftwood and it looks really cool while preserving the wood - yet to decide how I am going to use it

    Allan T.
    South Africa South Africa

    Great product

    Really satistied with results

    Izak S.
    South Africa

    Lime sulpher

    1st time user of this product really did what I was expecting, although th3 smell is challenging lol, really brings out character of deadwood.

    Dean v.
    South Africa South Africa

    Another happy customer

    It did exactly the job

    Eric S.
    South Africa South Africa

    Lime Sulpher

    Its the first time im using lime sulpher for bonsai deadwood.im very happy i bought it as it expands my bonsai creativity.

    Riaan R.
    South Africa South Africa