Parafilm Grafting Tape, 25mm x 27m

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Parafilm® Grafting Tape is manufactured by original Parafilm® M Manufacturer and is an economical plant grafting solution that is easy-to-use, and makes nursery grafting and/or budding efforts efficient for various grafters (nursery, landscapers, and home gardeners).


Parafilm® Grafting Tape is:

  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Stretchable
  • Self-Adhering
  • Its Breathable properties allows gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. to pass through, and as such offers an excellent breathable moisture barrier. The combination is perfect for grafting which requires a barrier to keep moisture in while allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through.



Use this unique grafting tape to make quick, easy and hassle free grafts on Pines, Junipers and many other species.


You can also use Parafilm to bind branches and roots together for them to fuse eg olea and ficus.

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