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Olive bonsai post collecting tips

8 tips for post collection care of wild olives

Wild olives or Olea europaea subsp. Africana are widely available across South Africa. Yamadori or collected specimens are especially desirable as bonsai material due to their overall maturity and characterful bark. In this article Terry Erasmus presents 8 simple to follow tips which will help ensure your collected wild olive makes a healthy transition from the veld to life in a bonsai container.
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5 tips for better juniper bonsai trees

5 Tips for better junipers

Junipers are some of the most popular bonsai subjects around the world. In South Africa we have somewhat limited access to good material but in this article I will share 5 tips with you that I believe will help you to grow better juniper bonsai trees. From basics such as cuttings to collecting, from creating to shari to selecting a species to work with and much more.
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brett simon bending juniper bonsai trees

Bend it like Brett

In this vlog, Terry Erasmus shadows local Cape Town bonsai artist, Brett Simon as he prepares a collected juniper for some drastic bending. Increase your confidence to do the same as Brett explains and demonstrates the process he follows to you with the aid of text, photographs and carefully narrated video.

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premna bonsai trees gary howes

Remarkable Premna Mooiensis. Part II

In part II of Gary Howes' two part series on Premna Mooiensis, we delve deeper into the general care of this underutilized indigenous species of tree in South African bonsai. With specific focus on cultivation, defoliation, wiring, watering, diseases and fertilizing Gary addresses all the basics of what you need to know.
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viky petermann slab building bonsai ceramic pots

Slab building bonsai containers

I have known local bonsai and ceramic artist Viky Petermann for a number of years and have come to admire her originality and the artistic flair she pours into her creations. One of her passions receiving much attention and support of late are her unique bonsai containers. Viky agreed to have me interview and video her building a basic container. 
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cork bark chinese elm cuttings bonsai

Cork bark elm cuttings the easy way

Cuttings are a fun method of creating new bonsai. From a field grown Cork Bark Elm I recently purchased, I create 10 exciting cuttings detailing each step with text and photos for you to follow. There is also a secret which I share with you on taking cuttings of this species which will greatly enhance your chance of success.
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mark polson grafting scion juniper bonsai

Juniper Grafting with Mark Polson

Mark Polson, a bonsai artist based in Cape Town, South Africa has a passion for Junipers. He has some of the most impressive Junipers which I have seen locally and part of his success is due to his ability to graft. Check out this blog post; watch his easy to follow video and read the accompanying text.
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premna gary howes

Remarkable Premna Mooiensis. Part I

In this article, Durban based bonsai artist, Gary Howes shares with us his knowledge and experiences of little known indigenous tree species, Premna Mooiensis. Gary Howes describes how to collect and ensure the health of these trees through appropriate post collection care, correct watering and other valuable insights.
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trident maple bonsai carl morrow

Evolving tree; Evolving thought

Carl, using his very recognizable Chinese maple as reference, for his debut article on Bonsai Tree tackles a very difficult topic that all of us must face sooner or later; how we deal with the reality of our skills as artists improving, and how we apply {if at all} this new knowledge to trees which have been in our care for some time.
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bonsai tips and suggestions

Maintenance and training of bonsai trees

This blog post was inspired by an article in an old edition of the Bonsai Today magazine. In this post, which I will be adding to over time I will share many tips and suggestions on growing bonsai; how to maintain, style, wire, feed and much more. The topic, written in plain English aided by detailed photographs explains the fundamentals of bonsai in an easy to follow manner.
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Acacia bonsai in Pierneef Style

My first Acacia bonsai tree

The Acacia species must be one of the most popular for bonsai growers. In this blog post I share with you the progression of my very first Acacia bonsai in the African "Pierneef Style." I share tips and suggestions on bonsai'ing this species successfully so that you might also enjoy growing these wonderful trees.
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English elm bonsai development

Development of an English Elm Bonsai

Follow the development of this English Elm bonsai from rooted cutting in a bag, field growing, development and then finally through refinement to exhibition.
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