hackberry celtis sinensis grafting bonsai

Two methods for Grafting Hackberry

4 min read

Learn how to successfully graft Hackberry (Celtis) bonsai using these two methods. Terry Erasmus visits Taiwan and is shown these reliable grafts by a Taiwanese Hackberry master. Easy to follow step by step instructions with accompanying high quality video will ensure you grasp these techniques quickly.
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layering a bonsai hackberry celtis sinensis

Layering a Hackberry, Part 2

7 min read

Last spring I began to layer an ugly Hackberry (Celtis sinensis) which had a terrible root base but which had loads of potential as a broom styled tree. A year later and I am ready to remove the layered tree from the donor plant.

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field growing celtis sinensis hackberry

Field growing Hackberry Part 2

14 min read

In this second part of a 2 part series on field growing Celtis sinensis or Hackberry, we will revisit the same trees, 2 years later from when the first blog was written and I will describe and show the steps taken to arrive at the next stage of two of the trees' development.

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chinese hackberry or celtis sinensis gets an autumn cut

Two Chinese Hackberry Bonsai get an Autumn Cut

6 min read

Last work of the season on these two Chinese Hackberry originally field grown by Terry Erasmus from seed.

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Field growing bonsai trees

Field growing bonsai trees

8 min read

Field growing is one of the techniques by which you can rapidly attain thick, tapering trunks with which to develop quality bonsai trees. In this blog post we will cover the basics of field growing and how you too can develop some incredible trunks.

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