Celtis sinensis bonsai tree layering

Layering a Hackberry, Part 3

The story of this Hackberry broom-in-the-making continues in this 3rd part where it is removed from the temporary wooden growing box and repotted into a shallow bonsai container.
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Root work on bonsai trees

Some comments on bonsai tree root work

With the repotting season just starting, with some early risers; an Elm and a Hackberry I thought I would share some tips and suggestions in this brief blog on the subject of repotting bonsai trees.
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Chinese Hackberry Bonsai trees

Seasonal Work on an Upright Hackberry

At the end of each growing season deciduous trees need to be worked on. The tasks which need to be completed include removing the dying leaves, cutting back twigs where needed, wiring and general assessment of the trees development over the past season.
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layering a bonsai hackberry celtis sinensis

Layering a Hackberry, Part 2

Last spring I began to layer an ugly Hackberry (Celtis sinensis) which had a terrible root base but which had loads of potential as a broom styled tree. A year later and I am ready to remove the layered tree from the donor plant.

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field growing celtis sinensis hackberry

Field growing Hackberry Part 2

In this second part of a 2 part series on field growing Celtis sinensis or Hackberry, we will revisit the same trees, 2 years later from when the first blog was written and I will describe and show the steps taken to arrive at the next stage of two of the trees' development.

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chinese hackberry or celtis sinensis gets an autumn cut

Two Chinese Hackberry Bonsai get an Autumn Cut

Last work of the season on these two Chinese Hackberry originally field grown by Terry Erasmus from seed.

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Large scars on bonsai trees

Dealing with large scars which won't disappear

What do you do if you have a cut which has never healed over, for some or other reason? After all the goal is for the wound to callous over completely so after a few years you cannot see a cut was ever made to begin with. How to get such scars to disappear is the subject of this post.

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Field growing bonsai trees

Field growing bonsai trees

Field growing is one of the techniques by which you can rapidly attain thick, tapering trunks with which to develop quality bonsai trees. In this blog post we will cover the basics of field growing and how you too can develop some incredible trunks.

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hackberry bonsai tree layering

Layering of a Hackberry, Part 1

In this blog post I will ground layer a Hackberry which is destined to become a broom style bonsai. The nebari of broom styled trees should be very impressive, radiating out from the trunk in all directions, something which this Hackberry definitely does not have, but something which we are going to change.

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