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hennie nel bonsai shohin

Introduction to Miniature Bonsai

8 min read

In this introduction to miniature bonsai, Hennie Nel provides insights into the cultivation of these tiny trees with a focus on species selection, typical maintenance needs, sources of suitable material and more. You to are bound to become intrigued by this fascinating pursuit.
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Yorozuen shohin bonsai nursery

Shohin Heaven - Yorozuen

7 min read

On a recent trip to Japan I visited two specialist nurseries; one that is well known and has won many awards in Japan for their shohin, and the other is a bonsai professional that specialises in Satsuki Azalea. In part one of this two part blog join me as we take a quick look at these nurseries and point out some exceptional examples of bonsai, perhaps some comments on their care and the techniques possibly used in their styling.

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Shohin bonsai trees kojuen

Shohin - really small tree fascination

10 min read

Shohin sized bonsai appeal to many people, sometimes even the most burly of men! However it definitely has a lot of appeal to people who have no space to keep the usual sized bonsai trees. Then there are those people who cannot physically manage larger trees. The greatly reduced size and weight of shohin is really an attraction for them.

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