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8 Bonsai Goals for 2020

8 Bonsai Goals for 2020

9 min read

Setting short and long term goals in life has so many positive benefits so why should setting goals for your bonsai passion be an exception. In this article Terry Erasmus shares 8 of his personal goals which he has generalized for a wider audience and which will hopefully serve as inspiration to you so that you too can set your own goals to achieve during the year of 2020
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Hennie Nel Air layering a chinese elm bonsai tree

Hennie Nel Air Layers a Chinese Elm

3 min read

Hennie Nel decides a Cork Bark Chinese Elm bonsai in his collection can be improved by air layering. Luckily I was there at the time to document the process for you.
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layering a bonsai hackberry celtis sinensis

Layering a Hackberry, Part 2

7 min read

Last spring I began to layer an ugly Hackberry (Celtis sinensis) which had a terrible root base but which had loads of potential as a broom styled tree. A year later and I am ready to remove the layered tree from the donor plant.

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Layering chinese maple bonsai tree

Ground Layering of a Trident Maple with ugly roots

8 min read

Layering is a very useful technique whereby good starter stock can be obtained from an interesting branch of an ordinary garden tree or perhaps a portion of an existing bonsai which has the potential to be turned into a bonsai itself. One of the great 'cheats' about layering is that you start off with a thick trunk already so it's much faster than a cutting. Another great thing about layering is that if done successfully, all the roots emerge at the same level which gives you a great start towards developing wonderful nebari.

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hackberry bonsai tree layering

Layering of a Hackberry, Part 1

10 min read

In this blog post I will ground layer a Hackberry which is destined to become a broom style bonsai. The nebari of broom styled trees should be very impressive, radiating out from the trunk in all directions, something which this Hackberry definitely does not have, but something which we are going to change.

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