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cork bark chinese elm cuttings bonsai

Cork bark elm cuttings the easy way

6 min read

Cuttings are a fun method of creating new bonsai. From a field grown Cork Bark Elm I recently purchased, I create 10 exciting cuttings detailing each step with text and photos for you to follow. There is also a secret which I share with you on taking cuttings of this species which will greatly enhance your chance of success.
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taking cuttings for bonsai trees

Learn how to take cuttings in these 10 easy to follow steps

5 min read

Starting bonsai from cutting material is both fun and of course a cheap method of rapidly increasing the size of your collection. Want a fruit or flower bearing bonsai tree? Don't grow it from seed, take a cutting and shave off years from the wait. In these 10 easy steps you too can learn how to take cuttings.

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winter bonsai tree tasks

5 Winter Bonsai Activities To Keep You Till Spring

6 min read

Winter is generally a quiet time, unless you have a lot of conifers such as junipers and pines which you want to style. However there are actually a lot of fun things you can do during the cold and rainy months. Here are a few which I can think of.

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