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premna bonsai trees gary howes

Remarkable Premna Mooiensis. Part II

9 min read

In part II of Gary Howes' two part series on Premna Mooiensis, we delve deeper into the general care of this underutilized indigenous species of tree in South African bonsai. With specific focus on cultivation, defoliation, wiring, watering, diseases and fertilizing Gary addresses all the basics of what you need to know.
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premna gary howes

Remarkable Premna Mooiensis. Part I

7 min read

In this article, Durban based bonsai artist, Gary Howes shares with us his knowledge and experiences of little known indigenous tree species, Premna Mooiensis. Gary Howes describes how to collect and ensure the health of these trees through appropriate post collection care, correct watering and other valuable insights.
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