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juniper procumbens nana bonsai

The fantastic Juniperus procumbens nana

9 min read

Juniper procumbens nana is a fantastic species for bonsai. It grows well in all parts of South Africa, takes easily from cuttings, is easy to train and transplants well. Brett Simon shares of his extensive knowledge of this species with you.

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juniper bonsai compaction

Twisty little Shimpaku

2 min read

In this cool restyling of a Juniper bonsai, Martín Díaz separates the live vein from the deadwood and radically compacts the tree to make it more powerful. Follow Martín as he shows you how he completed the process.
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5 tips for better juniper bonsai trees

5 Tips for better junipers

9 min read

Junipers are some of the most popular bonsai subjects around the world. In South Africa we have somewhat limited access to good material but in this article I will share 5 tips with you that I believe will help you to grow better juniper bonsai trees. From basics such as cuttings to collecting, from creating to shari to selecting a species to work with and much more.
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brett simon bending juniper bonsai trees

Bend it like Brett

6 min read

In this vlog, Terry Erasmus shadows local Cape Town bonsai artist, Brett Simon as he prepares a collected juniper for some drastic bending. Increase your confidence to do the same as Brett explains and demonstrates the process he follows to you with the aid of text, photographs and carefully narrated video.

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mark polson grafting scion juniper bonsai

Juniper Grafting with Mark Polson

3 min read

Mark Polson, a bonsai artist based in Cape Town, South Africa has a passion for Junipers. He has some of the most impressive Junipers which I have seen locally and part of his success is due to his ability to graft. Check out this blog post; watch his easy to follow video and read the accompanying text.
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