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The Art of Watering

The Art of Watering

19 min read

Watering is an area of our art which I think is assumed you will intuitively grasp, after all it simply involves getting water into a container with a live plant in it! In reality though it is actually a rather complex technique which just like wiring and styling needs to be practiced and mastered. I have heard it said that it can easily take a full time apprentice 3 years to grasp the essentials, so how much longer will it take you and I as amateur enthusiasts? This is why I have entitled this post the ART of watering.
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Japanese bonsai azalea

Bonsai Azalea Heaven in Saitama, Japan

7 min read

On a recent trip to Japan I visited two specialist nurseries; one that is well known and has won many awards in Japan for their shohin, and the other is a bonsai professional that specialises in Satsuki Azalea.

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Field grown chinese elm bonsai tree

Progression of a Field Grown English Elm over 6 years

10 min read

Bonsai progressions are always fun to look at. It shows in a few short paragraphs of text and some images, the work and changes a bonsai tree has undergone over a number of years. What makes it fun though is that our art is as much about trees as it is about patience, so seeing all these changes condensed is like pressing fast forward on the remote.

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Chinese maple bonsai nebari correction

Using a wooden board to improve roots

5 min read

Using a wooden board you can easily improve the roots, the trunk flare and taper of your bonsai trees. A very simple technique which anyone can do, I will show you how using a Chinese maple bonsai which has been layered.

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